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Hexagon Natural Wood Beads

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Our Hexagon Wood Beads are made of natural beech hardwood. These beads are great for any chewelry projects, such as necklaces, rattles or on pacifier clips. Sanded smooth, our natural wood beads come untreated and can be left as such or, you can choose to treat them yourself with your favourite choice of natural oils, such as: olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc. Treating the beads with oil will protect and seal the wood to help keep it from splintering and, in turn, preserving the wood and extending the life of your chewelry projects.


Approximate Dimensions: 

18mm: 18mm diameter with 4mm hole

16mm: 16mm diameter with 4mm hole

14mm: 14mm diameter with 3mm hole


**Being a natural product, wood can have natural imperfections and weak spots (knots, inconsistent grain, etc.), and should be used carefully to prevent damage. Damage or cracking can occur if dropped from a height or smashed onto a hard surface, etc. Do not submerge wood beads, teethers or rings in water. Do not freeze.  Adult supervision is always required while using these products and always inspect before use, disposing of at the first sign of damage, cracking or splintering.