Wooden Peg People

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Let your imagination soar with our collection of natural, unfinished wooden peg people. Made from a selection of natural maple or birch wood, these wooden peg people are fantastic for Montessori play, creating heirloom wooden toys or painted in your own special style. Our wooden peg people are available in 5 different sizes, allowing you to create the perfect peg people family.

All peg people are sold individually.


Approximate sizes:

Large Woman: 3.5" H x 1.5" D (89mm H x 38mm D)

Large Man: 3 9/16" H x 1 1/8" D (90.5mm H x 28.5mm D)

Small Baby: 5/8" H x 1 1/8" D (28.5mm H x 16mm D)

Small Boy: 1 11/16" H x 5/8" D (43mm H x 16mm D)

Small Girl: 2" H x 2/8" D (51mm H x 22 mm D)